5 of The Best College Towns In The U.S.

America has nearly four thousand four-year universities spread out from coast to coast. That can make selecting the top college towns a tall order. Undeterred, we give it a shot!

5) Boston, MA

Boston may take a few by surprise here. However, it is home to dozens of degree-granting institutions that include Boston College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Harvard University, just to name a few.

The city of Boston allows students to have a little more urban feel than some of the others listed here. This gives students ample opportunity to take in more professional sports, art, and museums. All of this, and more, makes Boston a great college town!

Find our Boston maps here.

4) Charlottesville - VA

Charlottesville might be a little more recognizable on this list. Home to The University of Virginia, Charlottesville is steeped in history. The university was founded by Thomas Jefferson, whose home, Monticello, is a mere fifteen-minute drive away.

There is always more to learn and see in Charlottesville as hiking is a major attraction with being nestled by the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

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3) Austin, TX

Austin has certainly made a name for itself. Whether that being its music scene, food, or just weird vibe, it is also home to the University of Texas at Austin, St. Edward’s University, and Concordia University Texas.

Residents are able to enjoy access to multiple parks and green spaces. While also the live music available on Sixth Street. You also cannot leave out the games at Darrel K. Royal either.

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2) Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor is one the largest and most recognizable college towns in the United States. The University of Michigan has a profound impact on the city being one of the largest employers. Athletics is the most widely known part of the University of Michigan. With the largest stadium in the United States, the Big House, that reputation is still upheld.

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1) Madison, WI

Staying up north, Madison, Wisconsin, tops our list of the five best college towns in the U.S. Settled around and in-between Lakes Mendota and Monona, Madison has a unique city layout. It certainly provides beautiful views to those who call Madison home. Madison is the capital city of Wisconsin and boasts its largest college, the University of Wisconsin.

Placed next to Lake Mendota, the campus offers students fantastic views as they go between classes and to athletic events. With the on-campus athletic stadiums, including the famous Camp Randall Stadium, there are plenty of activities on and off-campus for UW students to take in! 

Find our Madison maps here.



America has a long list of college towns. Choosing only five from the entire country was a rather difficult task. These particular towns and colleges offer experiences that set it just apart from others across the country.

If you think we shunned your college town let us know! We want to hear about which famous American college town has left an impression on you most of all. Tell us below!


Texas A & M has been a true college town for generations.! Supporting the cities (2) surrounding it as well as cities farther away. The Aggie spirit has surpassed Texas in leading the state in education and history! Look at TAMU and you need look no further for a university that embodies spirit, tradition, and country!

Morton Kathy September 22, 2021

I’d like to see a list made by looking over only actual college towns, where a liberal arts school is the center of the community.
Places like Boston, Ann Arbor, Columbus, and Austin surely have their appeal, but it’s not the same.

Jon Heckerman September 22, 2021


Maria kaczmarek September 22, 2021

Stillwater, Oklahoma (home of Oklahoma State University) is my favorite! 🧡🤠🖤

Rhonda Gantz September 20, 2021

NC State Raleigh NC
Chapel Hill, NC UNC

Si Johnson September 20, 2021

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