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From the capital of Atlanta to the beaches of Savannah, this stainless steel ornament of Georgia is a great way to show off your state pride! Give it as a gift or complete your own tree with a unique piece of art work.

All of our stainless steel ornaments come ready to be put on display for your family and friends to enjoy.

All ornaments are based on a 4"x4" scale.  Depending on the shape of the state they may not reach a full 4"x4" shape.


  • Atlanta is known as the birthplace of the civil rights movement in America.
  • The Capitol Dome is layered in 43 ounces of PURE GOLD that mined in Dahlonega, Georgia-the site of America’s first Gold Rush.
  • The world’s largest drive-in restaurant is located in Atlanta.
  • Atlanta was the only city in North America destroyed as an act of war.