What Are Cut Maps?

Cut Maps are 3D street maps of the world’s most memorable places. Whether it’s the town where you grew up, the place where you live now, your favorite vacation spot, or the city you long to visit, these beautiful wall pieces allow you to bring those memories out and put them on display. Because of the unique and personalized nature of the pieces, they can be used and displayed in a variety of ways:

·         Create a modern design look in your home or office

·         Highlight one or group multiple together to capture all the cities important to you

·         Give them away as moving gifts to remember past places and celebrate new destinations

·         Give them as unique gifts for sport fans, college grads, newly weds, or just those hard-to-shop-for people on your list


Cut Map art pieces range from small 18”x24” framed wall art to beautiful 3’x4’ wooden wall murals and are laser cut using CNC Precision cuts. Want to see a video of the laser cutting process? Visit our YouTube page HERE


About the Designer


Cut Maps originally started as an attempt to create an interesting art print of my small neighborhood in Columbus, OH. A graduate of The Ohio State University in Mechanical Engineering, I have always been interested in technology, art, and the combination of the two. Inspired by my hometown of Columbus and its thriving art scene, I wanted to create a unique piece that celebrated that and the sense of ‘home’ I feel when I’m in the city.

What began as a tracing of my small neighborhood from Google Maps slowly grew into the streets around it… and then the streets around the city center… and so on. Twenty hours later I had traced hundreds of streets and completed nearly the whole city. What I had was a beautiful representation of the Columbus street map.

My favorite part of the design is the way people respond to it. There is something extremely strong in the connection between people and their hometowns. When friends looked at the Columbus Cut Map, they were intrigued and curious about the strange intersecting lines and spaces, but when I look at it I know almost every road. And this soon proved to be true of other people and other cities. As word spread about my map, I got requests both for the Columbus map and for other cities, whose residents wanted representations of their own hometowns to display proudly. I now have maps for over 40 different cities and continue to take requests for custom pieces.

- Dan Linden