Nashville Skyline


Enjoy a little bit of the Nashville skyline on your desk with this stainless steel NanoScape!

Dimensions= 8.5" x 3" (w x h)


  • Jingle Bell Rock,” “The Bunny Hop,” and “Hokey Pokey” were all recorded in Nashville.

  • Elvis recorded over 200 of his songs at RCA’s historic Studio B on Music Row.

  • Blind Vanderbilt University student Morris Frank traveled overseas to investigate the use of seeing-eye dogs. He brought the first service dog back to the U.S. in 1928 and founded The Seeing Eye, Inc. in Nashville.

  • Originally named WSM Barn Dance, Nashville's famous weekly country music show was renamed "the Grand Ole Opry" in 1927. It remains the world's longest-running live music radio show.

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